Naturally occurring structures spawn in the underground world, ranging from underground parkours to mazes to bunkers, or even fallen jets on the surface, and much more! With over 50 custom-created naturally occurring structures, discover, explore and claim these hidden ruins for plenty of rewards.


An abandoned windmill with some hay bales, a small wheat farm and some basic farming supplies.

Crashed Bomber

A bomber plane which was shot down and crashed during the war.

Hippie Hut

The hut of a hippie, who lived too far from any population centers to be affected by the war, at least until the fallout killed them. Has an empty animal pen, many plants and some illicit substances.

Pinhole Science Genetic Engineering Testing Facility

An underground facility for the creation and study of genetically modified organisms run by the institution Pinhole Science. Overrun by escaped test subjects.

Pinhole Science Para-dimensional Testing Facility

An underground facility for research into access and transportation to other dimensions run by the institution Pinhole Science. Commissioned by the government after the beginning of the nuclear war to find new places for humanity to live should Earth become uninhabitable. Overrun by invaders from an alternate dimension to which a portal was carelessly left open.

Pinhole Science Magi-chemical Testing Facility

An underground facility for magi-chemical potions run by the institution Pinhole Science. It was abandoned due to not showing sufficient potential military use and the staff were moved to other facilities.

Underwater House

A doomsday-preppers floating house in an artificial aquifer designed to protect against radiation. However the fallout was so massive even this didn't help. The radiation also adversely affected the fish, so be careful.

Organ Trade Advertising Billboard

A billboard advertising the trading of spleens. Only $80 dollars for a replacement spleen!

Military Tent

A simple military tent containing some beds and a few basic supplies.

Crashed Melon Wagon

A man was taking his melons to market when his horse got spooked and crashed his wagon in a crater.

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